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Are you facing federal criminal charges in South Carolina or Georgia? If so, you should be aware of the differences between state criminal charges and federal criminal charges. State prosecutors handle cases differently than federal prosecutors. Depending on the crime, you could face a harsher penalty if convicted at the federal level. Federal criminal cases are complex and require an attorney who is experienced with federal law. At Bannon Law Group, LLC, our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience representing clients against federal charges. The sooner you hire a criminal defense lawyer, the better. Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you defend against whatever criminal charge you are facing and protect you in court. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a qualified Georgia and South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Types of Federal Crimes Cases A Qualified Georgia and South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer From Bannon Law Group Can Handle on Your Behalf

There are many different types of crimes defined under federal law. Each federal crime has an associated penalty for defendants who are convicted in court. There may be overlapping federal and state crimes for similar types of actions. For example, you can be charged with theft at a state or federal level. Similarly, the state of South Carolina, the state of Georgia, and the federal government all prohibit the sale of marijuana. 

Sometimes, a defendant will face a federal charge instead of a state charge. This typically occurs when the federal government has been investigating the defendant. When the defendant has crossed state lines when allegedly committing a crime, the federal government will often bring charges. At Bannon Law Group, LLC, our criminal defense lawyers have represented clients in various criminal cases. Some of the most commonly charged federal crimes include the following:

  • Weapons trafficking
  • Drug trafficking
  • Federal drug charges
  • Embezzlement
  • White-collar crimes
  • Fraud crimes
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Human trafficking
  • Conspiracy
  • Possession of a weapon by a felon
  • Counterfeiting
  • Health Care fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Federal Gun crimes
  • Rico violations
  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act crimes
  • Bank fraud

Are You Under Investigation for a Federal Crime in SC or GA? Contact a Reputable Georgia and South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer at Bannon Law Group

The FBI will typically investigate a case before they bring charges against the defendant. If you know, or you suspect, that the FBI is investigating you, you need to consult with a federal criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Federal investigators do not always use techniques that comply with a suspect’s rights under the Constitution. 

When you work with an attorney, your lawyer will hold investigators accountable and discover any unconstitutional or illegal activity on the part of investigators. When federal investigators violate a suspect’s constitutional rights, the suspect’s defense lawyer can petition the court to throw out the evidence they gathered from the illegal search or seizure.

The Federal Criminal Process

If you are facing federal criminal charges, you may be wondering about the process. The first step in the process should be consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is well-versed in federal law. Your lawyer will be able to protect you every step of the way, before and after your trial. Do not speak to investigators until you have discussed your case with a criminal defense lawyer. Investigators can use your statements against you. Even though they often pretend to be friendly, do not speak to them without a lawyer present.

Being Arrested for a Federal Crime

When a U.S .magistrate issues a warrant for your arrest or a grand jury returns an indictment, law enforcement will arrest you. They will give you a date for your initial court appearance before a judge, which must occur within 72 hours of your arrest. The court will give you notice of the charges against you, notify you of your rights, and set your bond. You may be able to be released at this point. If the judge is concerned that you are a flight risk, the court may hold you in custody until your trial.

Plea Bargains in Federal Cases

At your arraignment, you will have the option to enter a plea bargain before the judge. A plea bargain, also called a plea agreement, occurs when the defendant and the government agree to forego a criminal trial. In exchange, the defendant will enter a guilty plea according to a written plea agreement. In many cases, the government will agree to lower the charges if the defendant agrees to plead guilty. 

Entering a plea bargain can be your best option, but you need to discuss your case with a lawyer before you agree to a plea bargain. Sometimes the government will not have enough evidence to prove your case, and will hope that you will enter a plea bargain. In these circumstances, going to trial can be a better option. 

Your criminal defense lawyer will be able to negotiate with the prosecution and advise you of whether the plea deal is a good offer or not. The government may ask you to agree to one or more of the following conditions:

  • Agreed to a stipulation regarding your sentencing
  • Agree to dismiss some of the criminal charges in exchange for a guilty plea for other charges
  • Agree to disregard certain sentencing enhancements
  • Agree to recommend certain sentencing
  • Agree to a forfeiture of assets
  • Agreed to recommend a different sentence from what is calculated under the statue

Federal Trial

If you do not enter a plea deal, you will go to trial. The government has the burden to prove that every element of the crime against you has been met beyond a reasonable doubt. Your defense lawyer will challenge the prosecution and present evidence showing that the prosecutor has not proved his or her case. At Bannon Law Group, LLC, we have extensive resources, including top investigators, consultants, forensic experts, and professional researchers, to prepare clients for a trial.

Contact an Experienced Georgia and South Carolina Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Facing criminal charges can be daunting. The penalties for federal crimes often exceed 20 years in jail and include extensive science. One of the best things you can do is work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows the federal system in and out. Contact Bannon Law Group, LLC, today to schedule your initial consultation.

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